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    FPC Benchmark 3.1


    Nando Sang Putra

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    FPC Benchmark 3.1

    Post by Nando Sang Putra on Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:59 pm

    FPC Bench is a java benchmark to test and compare the performance of a phone with others phones. Differently from other benchmarks, FPC Bench results are not influenced from the screen resolution; this is a good way to get more reliable results.

    FPC Bench 3.1 Changelog.
    Many new features and bug fixes:

    • Added a test to check for maximum memory capacity:
      FPC Bench is now able to output the maximum amount of allocatable memory by JVM.

    • FPC Bench is now able to detect NEW important APIs:
      JSR 271: Mobile Information Device Profile 3 (MIDP3).
      JSR 272: Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals.
      JSR 300: DRM API.

    • Capuchin API:
      FPC Bench is now able to check for Capuchin API support.

    • FPC Bench 3.1 now runs on phones without 3D capabilities (JSR184).
      If your phone does not support JSR184 please download the appropriate JAR file.

    • New look:
      Splashscreen now supports widescreen resolution, new icon added.
    • Widescreen improvements:
      Improved aspect ratio in landscape mode when running on widescreen screens.

    • Netmeter fix:
      Fixed a bug in netmeter test that prevents some phones to scroll the form after the test is finished.

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