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    Jbak TaskMan v1.41


    Nando Sang Putra

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    Jbak TaskMan v1.41

    Post by Nando Sang Putra on Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:15 pm

    This is a freeware version of the powerfull task manager. Programm can completely replace system task-list, and contain many features for managing task, processes, and quick running of applications.

    Key features:
    ● Ultimate replacement of standard task list, which called by menu-key long press.
    ● Customisable quick launch, where you can add program, document, phone number, SMS and e-mail.
    ● List of all programs in your phone with quick search by name or UID.
    ● List of processes, threads, chunks with quick search.
    ● Quick and stable termination of busy tasks.
    ● Autorun of programms.
    ● Phone reboot.
    ● Uninstalling of sis-applications.
    ● Info about free memory.
    ● Clocks with seconds and date with day of week.
    ● Detailed information about runned task, which you can copy to clipboard.
    ● Quick task switch by pressing and holding menu-key (Smooth task switch)
    ● Remember last-visited position in system phone menu.
    ● Detailed setting of menu-key
    ● Powerfull possibilities for power and memory saving

    What's new:
    ● Now the app is working on Symbian 9.1 devices
    ● Fixed crashes when running Torch
    ● Fixed navigation in main menu of File Manager
    ● Fixed bug with incorrect displayed language strings
    ● Fixed compatibility with Magic Key
    ● File Manager moved from Tools menu in the main menu
    ● Added Farsi language

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