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    Nokia N9 vs. iPhone 4 vs. Xperia Arc


    Nando Sang Putra

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    Nokia N9 vs. iPhone 4 vs. Xperia Arc

    Post by Nando Sang Putra on Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:18 pm

    This is the comparation between Nokia N9, Xperia Arc, and iPhone 4
    As you can see, N9, Arc, and iPhone have Nice design and slim body..
    But N9 have advantages in 8 MP Carl Zeiss Optics Camera, Colorful case, and have integrated battery Monitor with less battery consumption.

    Amongst the myriad of N9 solos, you have the N9 pressed up against Apple’s iPhone 4 and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc.
    Like the Xperia Arc, the N9 has varying thickness. At the thinnest point, the N9 is 7.6mm (12.1 at thicker raised glass?)
    N9 does come in three colours (well, of what was in official press shots anyway, we have seen other colours :p), Black, Pink in addition to Blue. The solid blue blockiness does make it look that extra bit thicker where as iPhone uses illusionary thinner silver band. To be fair though, iPhone 4 is slim (9.3mm) as is arc (8.7mm – which part is that?)

    Other colours – they say black is a slimming colour :p

    BTW, does N9 have the Battery monitor integrated? Dammit, I think I’m going to love using the N9.
    Check out their gallery. Seen a few times already now, but I love how screen brightness is immediately editable in first settings view (though you can edit from drop down setting right?). There’s a lot of intuitive changes in MeeGo that looks like it was made to just make it easier to use for the end user.
    I’m interested to know if the power button can bring up profiles as traditional Nokias always do.
    There’s another screenshot showing google settings. I wonder how it manages to cope with Calendar Sync. I’ve loved that on Windows Phone – it was so easy to set up. I’ve got my google calendar and live calendar. Things I put on phone are on live calendar and things I put in google or live go into the phone (I wish they could all just sync together).

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